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The Fargs Junior Barber Scheme

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How It Started

Amid the challenges of the pandemic, many barbers sought alternative careers to help them navigate through the lockdowns, resulting in a shortage of experienced professionals in our industry. Now, with a fresh influx of young people learning barbering in college, we are committed to supporting their success in the future.

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With this in mind, we introduced our Junior Barber Scheme back in 2022. 

The initiative involves providing opportunities for recent college graduates who are 'fully qualified' to work within Fargs, allowing them time to acquire the essential skills and experience they need. 

Initially, our junior barbers offer their services at half of our usual price, with each haircut checked by a member of our team to ensure it meets our high standards. This practice not only provides them with crucial feedback and knowledge but also ensures our valued customers of the quality they’ve come to expect.


We continually evaluate the level of our junior barbers, advancing them to a 'graduate' upon meeting specific criteria. At this stage, their prices are adjusted to reflect their skills, and we no longer find it necessary to check over every haircut with them. This phase is dedicated to helping them gain the experience they need and helping them to focus on what it takes to become a barber at Fargs.


As our graduates progress, we continue to monitor their skill sets, and when we are confident in their readiness, they are promoted to become members of our barbering team.

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Schedule an

By booking an appointment with one of our junior or graduate barbers, you contribute to shaping the future of the barbering industry. These individuals are already at a level that many establishments would consider 'shop ready,' offering a haircut that exceeds expectations at great value.

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