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Remember when everyone had spikey hair on top and all the 'cool kids' were rocking tramlines, that's when Fargs was founded, way back in October 2005.

The goal then was to create barbershops that not only gave outstanding haircuts coupled with relaxed and professional customer service, but this had to be done in friendly and welcoming spaces.

We have never believed in the yes sir no sir vibe, we don't believe wearing a bow tie or a waistcoat makes us any better at cutting hair and you won't ever catch us using 'fancy hairdresser' words to try and prove we know what we're doing.

What we do believe in is giving solid, quality haircuts performed by experienced and friendly barbers in a relaxed and welcoming environment. And we believe in delivering on this every single time you visit us.

We're 18 years, 4 shops and over 250k haircuts into our journey and just as obsessed with this ethos as we were on day one!

Barbers Sevenoaks

Our history in

2005 Spikey / Messy Hair 

2007 V Cuts

2009 Side Partings

2011 Hard Partings

2013 Slick Backs

2015 Undercuts

2017 Crops

2019 Skin Fades

2021 Fixing Home Haircuts

2023 Taper Fades 

Barbers Tunbridge Wells
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